Monday, July 22, 2019

Book Three: Teasers

An excerpt from Chapter One, "Iniquity and Retribution":

"In reality, the basement of most houses was a scary place. In this house, the coal-fired furnace had ductwork leading everywhere and resembled a mad octopus. When the burner was fired, the front intake grate glowed with an almost sinister grin. The floor was packed with high silicate sand and it sometimes smelled like it had been used for a toilet more than once to avoid a trip to the outhouse on a cold winter night, before the house was fitted with running water and a flush toilet."

From Chapter Two:

"Edward’s memory of that night started with his mother’s phone calls to his Uncle James and their then-neighbor, Nancy Gibson. In both of those calls, Edward distinctly remembered his mother telling them that she had shot her husband. Even so, Edward tried to recall other memories from that night. He wanted the anger he felt towards his mother to go away. He wanted to be able to love her like a good son should. He wanted Harold Arkwright to disappear and for his father to come back."

Watch this  space for excerpts from each chapter as Book Three of the Lineage Series takes shape over the next few months.

Happy Reading!

Michael Hurd
Independent Author/Publisher
"Lineage" Series

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