Thursday, July 11, 2019

First Two Books Are Out There...

So... here I am after writing two full-length books. Not a lot of energy left for blogging about the experience, but one thing I will say is that one of the most satisfying things I have experienced is hitting the <PUBLISH> button on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. I do know that the process can be time-consuming, especially if you want to publish in paperback. Anyway, my books are listed with Amazon and available for purchase ( )

If you are a student of genealogy and history, my books are efforts to lay my family tree against events in history -- as if the family members actually participated in the historical situation. I chose only those events where there was a connection to the family. Once I established those connections, I had to dig deep to determine the social climates of each period, the family dynamics, and even the applicable gender roles. Of course, I took some liberties with names and places -- as I did not want even a casual researcher to be able to identify the specific family member or location. Some of my relatives who have read the book have figured things out, but I did not spoon-feed them with the details.

Book Three was already a concept before Book Two was finished, thanks to some input from a cousin that I have not even met. That cousin is the last survivor of his generation that has hands-on experience with some of the events portrayed in that book. 

As I work through writing more volumes in the "Lineage" series, I welcome open and frank discussion about the books and encourage your feedback on Amazon. One thing I will not tolerate in my discussions is hateful commentary or irrational arguments. 

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