Thursday, November 28, 2019

Library of Congress Control Number -- Book Three

Book Three, "Iniquity and Retribution," has a Library of Congress Control Number.  I took the time with this book to make the front matter and layout have a more professional appearance. That included registration with the Library of Congress to memorialize the book in perpetuity. Unfortunately, Amazon still requires the "imprint" to be "Independently Published," despite me having formed my own company for Maryland Sales and Use Tax purposes. So... I listed the book as "Independently Published" to comply with Amazon's requirements, but then add my Maryland trade name in the line immediately below that. It's all on the "copyright page" in the front matter.

By the way, I am about three mouse clicks away from releasing the book. I need one more of my proofreaders to finish their review, make the updates, and recheck the formatting.

Happy Reading!

Michael Paul Hurd
"Lineage" Series
Lineage Independent Publishing

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