Monday, November 11, 2019

Teaser: Chapter Thirteen

Here's a sample paragraph from "Iniquity and Retribution," Chapter Thirteen:

"Myrtle returned to Jeffersville later that evening and recounted her engagement with Nurse Kleinschmidt to her sister. Millicent did not recognize Sylvia’s name in Myrtle’s retelling of Nurse Kleinschmidt’s story. However, Millicent did remember Edward telling her about an incident where a young woman fell off a cliff in an apparent suicide. This was early in their courtship, while he was still an itinerant preacher; at the time, she simply discounted it as small talk. One thing that Millicent vividly remembered from his story was that the poor young woman’s features were so destroyed by the impact that she was unrecognizable."

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Michael Paul Hurd
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