Thursday, January 23, 2020

Book Four, Excerpt from Chapter Six

Here is another excerpt, this time from Chapter Six of "Wayward Son: Lineage Series, Book Four"

"The couple worked together to pack a picnic lunch. Staci made sure that it included one of Virgil’s favorites: pickled eggs. Virgil knew that Staci liked smoked ham and sour pickles, so he carved several slices off the ham that was hanging in the cellar, wrapped in cheesecloth. He also fished two large pickles out of the crock. Then there were Staci’s farmhouse biscuits. Virgil thought they were like eating little clouds of goodness. Spread with some freshly-churned butter alongside a nice slice of ham and a sour pickle. Nothing finer."

Happy Reading!

Michael Paul Hurd
"Lineage" Series
Lineage Independent Publishing

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