Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Book Four is Progressing Nicely

The work on Book Four has just passed the 100 page mark.  Here are some extracts:

Chapter Two:

"From the moment the funeral was over, Virgil Haskins was transformed. He was now a landowner, with all the responsibilities that entailed. He also owned several dozen slaves, but not nearly as many as the Pope’s Creek or Stratford Hall estates nearby. The Haskins farm did not need as many field hands, as the farm’s primary product was horses. Horses to work the fields. Horses for hunting and jumping. Horses to race against other horses. Most of the slaves were responsible for caring for the horses; the rest were house servants at the beck and call of the Haskins family."

Chapter Three:

"The Kimball party was less than halfway across the river as the outbound tidal current began to flow through the narrows with considerable force. At about the same time, a storm squall ran up the river from the southeast. The combination of the outgoing tide and the wind coming from the opposite direction made the river conditions immediately dangerous, especially for such an overloaded craft already listing to the upstream starboard side."

Chapter Four:

"He examined her further and discovered that her lymph nodes were also knotty and hot to the touch, indicating the cancer was spreading throughout her body. The doctor knew that Caroline was not long for this world and that the pain would soon become unbearable, beyond the dulling of the laudanum. All they could do at this point was make her comfortable. He did not inform Caroline what he had discovered; he had sensed for some time that she already knew her days remaining on the Earth were few."

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