Thursday, January 9, 2020

Book Four

Title: Wayward Son: Lineage Series, Book Four

From the Prologue:

"Closing his eyes, David was instantly transported to the nether reaches of his memories. His mother telling of the hardships of the trip west from Virginia, overland to the Ohio River and downstream to its confluence with the mighty Mississippi River. The slave that fell overboard and drowned. The wagon that lost a wheel and dumped some of the family’s possessions into the mud. He could hear his mother telling these tales as if it were yesterday."

Book Four tells the story of how the family of Millicent Blanchard Smith (one of the central characters in Book Three) ended up in Missouri from Virginia in the 1830's.  The anticipated publication date is April, 2020. 

Happy Reading!

Michael Paul Hurd
"Lineage" Series
Lineage Independent Publishing

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