Sunday, February 2, 2020

Excerpt from Chapter Eight, "Wayward Son: Lineage Series, Book Four"

Here's a little something from Chapter Eight:

"Anastasia radiated beauty and poise in her off-white wedding gown. It was drawn in at the waist and a corset pushed up and amplified her bosom. It was not proper in those days for a woman to show cleavage, but it was normal for a woman to take great pains to accentuate her curves. The material was dotted with hand-stitched miniature rosettes of the same color as the dress, and her face was covered with a fine veil. Her bouquet consisted of summer flowers in blues, purples, and reds that contrasted wonderfully to the off-white material of her gown."

Happy Reading!
Michael Paul Hurd
Lineage Series
Lineage Independent Publishing

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