Friday, March 6, 2020

Exploring Other Options

Well... I've been away for some time. The winter vacation to Florida was relaxing, even with the crowds.  I'm back, refreshed and working towards getting Book Four published within the next month to six weeks.

I am still waiting to hear back from three brick-and-mortar publishers on my submissions. Two are home-based in the UK (with US subsidiaries) and the other one is in Pennsylvania. Along with that. I am rethinking the exclusivity arrangement with Amazon's KDP Select e-book publishing process. I may not renew once the terms expire for my three current books. They will all still be available in both paperback and electronic formats, just not as Kindle Unlimited titles. So... if you are currently reading any of the books through Kindle Unlimited or Kindle On-Line Lending Library, the expiration dates (all at midnight, Pacific Time) are:

     "Lineage: A Novel" -- May 1, 2020
     "Soldier, Citizen, Settler: Lineage Series, Book Two": Mar 19, 2020
     "Iniquity and Retribution: Lineage Series, Book Three":  Mar 7, 2020 (that's this SUNDAY...)

Watch this space for more information!

Happy Reading,
Michael Paul Hurd
"Lineage" Series
Lineage Independent Publishing

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