Thursday, April 30, 2020

Special Offers


B&N/Nook readers can use coupon code BNPMAY2020 to save 50% at checkout until 05/04/2020 on Nook Versions as follows:
Starting Today (4/30): Soldier, Citizen, Settler: Lineage Series, Book Two -
Starting Saturday (5/2): (Book One) Lineage: A Novel, search term "Michael Paul Hurd"
In addition, I am able to direct-send .pdf versions of the book to your e-mail, priced as follows:
Book One: 3.99 + 0.24 Maryland Sales Tax = $4.23
Book Two: 2.49 + 0.15 Maryland Sales Tax = $2.64
Book Three: 2.49 + 0.15 Maryland Sales Tax = $2.64
Book Four: 3.99 + 0.24 Maryland Sales Tax = 4.23
All Four Books Together: $10.00 + 0.60 Maryland Sales Tax = $10.60 (this is a $2.94 savings off the list prices)
The e-mailed versions will also include a .jpg of the full print book cover.
Payment: PayPal
Please specify in the comments section which book(s) you wish to purchase, and be sure to include your e-mail address!
Michael Paul Hurd
Lineage Series
Lineage Independent Publishing

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