Tuesday, July 28, 2020

It's A Rough Life

Being an Indie author and publisher is challenging. If you aren't writing your own works, you are editing someone else or mentoring them through the process.  In other words, there is no time left for anything else!

Because of the need to focus my creative energies elsewhere, I made the conscious decision to "neglect" my blog for a while. During the nearly four months since my last post, I have co-authored a book of poetry and prose with a friend in Portugal while at the same time mentoring a COVID-19 survivor through authoring and publishing his memoir of the experience. The poetry tome was released last week and the COVID-19 book should be out within the next month. Never a dull moment!

If you are a fan of poetry and/or short stories, please search for "Weep and Wail" or "Lisa Talbott" on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Lisa is my co-author and her poems offer something for everyone.

Michael Paul Hurd
"Lineage" Series
Lineage Independent Publishing