Tuesday, July 20, 2021

 It's now late July and the summer has been full of effort.  I am working on my sixth book, "The Germans: Lineage Series, Book Six." Meanwhile, I have been working with Lisa Talbott to get her latest novel formatted and ready for publication. 

As I have been writing Book Six, I have learned more about my maternal lineage than I ever knew before.  I have found passenger lists for the steamers on which they crossed the Atlantic, discovered land purchase records in Berrien County, Michigan, and even confirmed that my maternal ancestors were not directly from Germany at all; rather, that they were ethnic Germans living in areas that are now part of Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus by invitation of Tsarina Catherine II.

I expect Book Six to be available sometime in September... 

Happy Reading!

Michael Paul Hurd
Lineage Series
Lineage Independent Publishing

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